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Impressed by Ubuntu Phone? Get Ubuntu’s Vertical App Switcher On Android With Unity Launcher.

At the beginning of the year, Canonical announced its Ubuntu for phones project that will soon enable you to enjoy a full-fledged, standalone version of the popular Linux OS on your mobile devices. While it’s the lucky Galaxy Nexus owners who will be getting the first taste of the fully-functional OS, they are still waiting for a release by Canonical. However, what you can have for now is Ubuntu’s vertical app switcher/launcher on any device running Android 2.2 Froyo or higher, thanks to the brand new app called Unity Launcher. Resembling the looks and functionality of Ubuntu’s standard app switcher, Unity Launcher is a third-party customizable multitasking and app switching solution for Android that lets you switch back and forth between your favorite apps form anywhere in the OS by simply swiping in from the left edge of your device’s screen.




While Unity Launcher works almost exactly like most of the multitasking solutions we have already seen in the recent past, its specialty remains in the way it tries to emulate the original app switcher of Ubuntu. It comprises a vertically scrollable list filled with shortcuts to as many of your favorite Android apps as you want. Apps are displayed on their semi-translucent tiles, along with their respective titles. You can bring up this list by simply swiping in from the dedicated edge of your device’s screen, giving you universal access to your favorite apps from anywhere in the OS, regardless of the app you are currently running. The list automatically disappears from the scene after a few seconds of bringing it up.

To get started with the app, just launch it by tapping the Unity Launcher icon in the app drawer. From the app’s solitary home screen, you can trigger its services, pin your favorite apps to its switch list, and tinker with the various layout settings it has to offer.


Using the various available options, you can adjust the width of the interactive area, alter the list’s visibility timeout, and personalize the list’s show/hide animation delay. Moreover, you have the option to set the launcher’s gravity, background color and icon background/tile. That’s not all – there is also the option to show/hide app titles, and modify the background color of the region where app names are displayed.


Unity Launcher is available in the Play Store as both free and $0.99 variants. The free version only allows you to pin your favorite apps to the switch list, whereas all the UI tweaks and other customizations are available in the paid variant. Download links to both versions are provided below.

Download Unity Launcher Free For Android

Download Unity Launcher For Android (Paid)

Ubuntu Phone: Reviewed!

So basically, this thing came out in CES 2013. First of all Ubuntu Phone is not a hardware model but a Operating System which falls under software categories. While using it I did find some bugs and all that but guys, it’s the totally Pre-Alpha version of it so it will develop, just wait for it.

The best things we can say is that it is really unique from other MobileOSs’. There is Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Symbian etc. but this one – I gotta say is really unique.

The first thing you notice when you look at the home screen will be the user interface. It’s really nice, smooth and fluid. Here is a video for explaining the Ubuntu phone in depth.




Another thing that was really fascinating was that if you connect it with your television or any other viewing source – What you view is not your mobile phone OS but it will be the Ubuntu operating system. The full whole version of Ubuntu. Whatever features Ubuntu for computers has is there in the mobile OS, so yeah.

Ubuntu will be ready for smartphones at retail in Q4 2013.

Facebook Chat for Mozilla Firefox

We saw many some notable web browsers in the year of 2012 of which some impressed us and some well, didn’t.

In my honest opinion – I don’t like social web browsers with less browsing space and more social icons – that makes a browser pretty heavy and I.. I just don’t like it.  Web Browser Widgets must be docked to the top of the browser in the toolbar or in an auto-hide bar or something like that.

But this post is about something else – Mozilla and Facebook are here with a chat extension for Firefox. We will have a look at it in this post.

After installing – It was different than I had thought. Other than the other applications, it was. The facebook sidebar is now displayed on every website you visit – minimizing the width of the website you are viewing.



Get the widget for your Firefox.

Windows 8 Style Skin for Windows Media Player

DeviantArt is a big network and a great opportunity for artists, designers, programmers, and hobbyists. Today, as I was surfing through deviantArt, being a huge Modern User Interface – I ended up with a beautiful skin for Windows Media Player in my deviantWatch folder.

Our friend @luxorus has done a brilliant job in creating a Windows 8 UI Styled Skin for Windows Media Player. It is under-development stage so feel free to report a bug.


Aura: Bleeding Edge of Chrome OS. Brief Post.

google chrome os aura

Our Samsung Series 5 Chromebook hasn’t gotten much love recently, but Google just pushed out an update through its developer channel, called “Aura.” We downloaded and tested the new update, and were surprised how suddenly… familiar it felt.

To put it simply, the changes in Aura are clearly designed to make the Chromebook feel like a laptop rather than a browser with a keyboard. There’s actually a desktop, with a background and everything. There are icons at the bottom on the left side, and a Quick Launch-style menu on the right side — it looks just like the Windows 7 taskbar. The right-most icon in the list opens a page of bookmarks that looks a whole lot like the Launch Pad feature in OS X Lion, except that instead of apps it’s shortcuts to websites. Aura feels like a mix between Mac OS and Windows 7, and it’s clear that’s where Google’s trying to take its operating system.


Our favorite of the bookmarks is “Scratchpad,” which pops up a tiny floating window that lets you take quick notes — kind of a lighter Simplenote app. Scratchpad hooks into Google Docs, too, so you get a folder called “Scratchpad” with all your notes inside. It’s the closest thing to a non-Chrome app we’ve seen yet on Chrome OS, and it’s a pretty clever tool.

Everything still happens in Chrome, obviously, but fortunately you can now have multiple windows open at once — that makes multitasking a whole lot easier. As you drag windows around, they’ll snap to the display’s edges, so you can quickly move a window over and have it automatically fill half the screen. It works just like Aero Snaps in Windows 7, and by itself makes the Chromebook a lot more usable than just having one immovable window with infinite tabs. The whole OS felt faster than ever, too, enough to make us jealous that Chrome’s not always so responsive.

The basic concept of a Chromebook hasn’t changed with the new update, and we’re still more intrigued with what Google Drive could mean for Chrome OS anyway. Google’s clearly trying to make the Chromebook feel a little more like a laptop, with a user interface and design that should be a lot more familiar to people who use Windows or Mac OS, and like to open apps other than a full-screen browser from time to time. Google’s clearly still committed to the OS, and we’ll be watching to see where it goes next.

The newest update to Google’s Chrome OS is bringing the browser-based operating system a lot closer to a traditional windowing environment. Development channel (the least stable build) version 19.0.1048.17 adds Google’s hardware-accelerated Aura UI and window manager, bringing a desktop, overlapping windows, a Windows-style taskbar, and a Launchpad-esque app launcher to the platform.

According to the project’s wiki, the goal of Aura is to use hardware acceleration to achieve more computationally intensive tasks like large-scale animated transitions and effects as well as to provide the basis for a flexible windowing system. Aside from Aura, other new features in the latest dev channel release include support for new file types (tar, gz, and bzip2), updates to the local audio and video player, and new modes for multiple monitor handling. Unfortunately, early-adopting Cr-48 owners are out of luck — the build of Chrome OS in question is only for Acer AC700 and Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks.

Google Chrome 24 will start downloads 26% faster.

With loads of new gadgets announcements from many techno giants in the past days, now time to have something new in your PCs and laptops. And with this Google has just announced the very latest version of its most popular browser, i.e. Google Chrome 24. Although this version is available in the Beta form,  it makes us more eager to grab its official version. Google Chrome 24 has many other features which can easily sticks its position on the top. Let’s take a look.

Google has announced Google Chrome 24 Beta version for Windows, Mac and Linux users. With thiis Google has added that, this browser is 26% more faster than the previous version of it. I think this is what we were looking for!

chrome Google Chrome 24: Start Downlaoding  26% More faster

Google has unleashed this version to download for free. They claims that you will get more interests on the web after using this version of Chrome. It will gives you more user interface and all new test of browsing the web. Keeping the demands of consumers, Google wants to emphasize to increases the speed of the Browser. And so they have unleashed the beta version of it.

In Google Chrome 24, there are tons of new features which can easily grab your attention. Like un-prefixed APIs, MathML, datalist support in date and time and lots more. Well, think less and start downloading the all new beta version of Google Chrome, i.e. Google Chrome 24.

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