Google Chrome 24 will start downloads 26% faster.

With loads of new gadgets announcements from many techno giants in the past days, now time to have something new in your PCs and laptops. And with this Google has just announced the very latest version of its most popular browser, i.e. Google Chrome 24. Although this version is available in the Beta form,  it makes us more eager to grab its official version. Google Chrome 24 has many other features which can easily sticks its position on the top. Let’s take a look.

Google has announced Google Chrome 24 Beta version for Windows, Mac and Linux users. With thiis Google has added that, this browser is 26% more faster than the previous version of it. I think this is what we were looking for!

chrome Google Chrome 24: Start Downlaoding  26% More faster

Google has unleashed this version to download for free. They claims that you will get more interests on the web after using this version of Chrome. It will gives you more user interface and all new test of browsing the web. Keeping the demands of consumers, Google wants to emphasize to increases the speed of the Browser. And so they have unleashed the beta version of it.

In Google Chrome 24, there are tons of new features which can easily grab your attention. Like un-prefixed APIs, MathML, datalist support in date and time and lots more. Well, think less and start downloading the all new beta version of Google Chrome, i.e. Google Chrome 24.

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