Ubuntu Phone: Reviewed!

So basically, this thing came out in CES 2013. First of all Ubuntu Phone is not a hardware model but a Operating System which falls under software categories. While using it I did find some bugs and all that but guys, it’s the totally Pre-Alpha version of it so it will develop, just wait for it.

The best things we can say is that it is really unique from other MobileOSs’. There is Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Symbian etc. but this one – I gotta say is really unique.

The first thing you notice when you look at the home screen will be the user interface. It’s really nice, smooth and fluid. Here is a video for explaining the Ubuntu phone in depth.




Another thing that was really fascinating was that if you connect it with your television or any other viewing source – What you view is not your mobile phone OS but it will be the Ubuntu operating system. The full whole version of Ubuntu. Whatever features Ubuntu for computers has is there in the mobile OS, so yeah.

Ubuntu will be ready for smartphones at retail in Q4 2013.

If you have any doubts, post them here.

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