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New XBOX 360 with Kinect and Nike+ for 299$. That’s what Microsoft is planning.

According to Amazon’s product page, the package will be shipped on December 4th. The popular consumer sales site is now taking pre-orders for the package. The deal itself is important for two reasons: the price of the Xbox 360 and Kinect hardware is in decline it would seem, as the paired devices are now selling a lower individual unit cost, bundled with other content, in this case a game that usually retails for around $50. Thus, Microsoft is selling the Xbox 360 and Kinect sensor for what could be called a theoretical $250 price point. However, that is an exaggeration as Microsoft is likely not paying full retail to its partner. Keep in mind that the the Kinect was priced at $149.99 when it was released. However, even then, a Kinect/Xbox 360 bundle was available for $299. Thus, the decline in unit costs isn’t great, as the addition of royalties to Nike as part of the package would only lessen the unit revenue for Microsoft a touch. However, as Microsoft looks to retain its top sales crown through this year and into the next, bundles like this could be key to its continued strong sales. Final note: How interesting is it that Microsoft’s Christmas sales strategy for the Xbox 360 doesn’t revolve around a serious game, but instead a workout application that might appeal to a whole family? Demographic shift indeed.

Photo credits: Futurilla

“Windows Media Center” for Windows 8 for free. Legally.

We all know that Microsoft has removed Windows Media Center from Windows 8. If you use Windows 8 and want to install Media Center to watch or record live TV, you’ll need to purchase it separately from Microsoft in form of a new “Windows Media Center Pack”.


Once you purchase a license of “Windows Media Center Pack”, you can install Media Center in Windows 8using following tutorial:

How to Enable or Install Windows Media Center in Windows 8?

Now the good things is that Microsoft is providing an absolutely free license of “Windows Media Center Pack” to Windows 8 users. Its a time limited offer which will expire on January 31, 2013. The license key is valid up to 5 computers.

To get the free license key of “Windows Media Center Pack”, you just need to provide an email ID and Microsoft will send you the free license key on your email ID. Different email IDs can be used to get more than one license key.

Go to following page to get free license key:

Get Free License Key of “Windows Media Center Pack” for Windows 8

Please note that the offer is valid from October 26, 2012 to January 31, 2013 and the product key must be activated no later than January 31, 2013.

Skype for Windows 8 launches unexpectedly, available on the Windows Store.

2 Days before it was supposed to Skype for Windows 8 has launched although the website still not updated.

MSFT announced earlier that Skype will be available on the 26th but already released ahead of the schedule. Skype is now listed in the Store available for Windows 8 and RT users. If the app isn’t available in your region just yet, it should pop up sometime in the next few hours.

Integration with the People app is included, and Skype runs in the background as you’d expect in Windows 8. This is the second piece of the Skype and Microsoft puzzle, following the release of a Windows Phone client earlier this year. Skype is now building an Xbox version that will likely debut next year.


Skype for Windows 8 this October 26th!

26th of October of this year is going to be truly amazing. Phenomenal actually. Here are the things that are going to set the technology world rock and roll.

  • Windows 8
  • Surface Tablets
  • Skype for Windows 8
  • Updates for Windows Phone 8

…and maybe Microsoft comes with something else in the middle? Who knows. But what is the good news over here that the official Skype Metro Application is coming to Windows 8 on the 26th.


“For the last six months or so we have been moving people to the Messenger backend,” says Snyder. “The big advantage there is that Skype doesn’t always have to be running. It wakes up when it’s time to deliver a chat message or call etc.” The changes also mean that around 80 percent of all IMs sent on Skype are sent over the new Messenger backend. Skype’s Windows 8 app is the first to take advantage of this new model, with updates coming to iOS and Android later to complete feature parity.



“The time is now” – Microsoft.


Bill Gates may have stepped down as Microsoft CEO and chief software architect nearly 13 years ago, but that hasn’t stopped him being involved in the software maker’s upcoming releases. In an interview with Microsoft’s Steve Clayton, Gates talks up the future of Windows with touch and tablet experiences, but he recognizes this is a big step for Microsoft.


“People will be pretty amazed about the energy that Microsoft is putting behind this new wave of products, we really saved up in terms of knowing that this was such an important set of innovations,” adding “This is the big time for us.”

“The camera, speech, touch, responsiveness, speed – everything is just awesome in Windows 8” says Gates — hinting that over time Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will grow into a single platform. “Unbelievably great is what Surface is! – I got my Surface RT just recently, I’ve been using it day and night,” says Gates. “It was one of the first ones off the line and I was anxious to get one…it is absolutely incredible.”

Microsoft Surface

Ok, so today I am not in the state of mind to write about anything because I am just stunned by the preview of Microsoft Surface 2.0 tablet. Damn, just watch the trailer by yourselves guys.

Here is the Specifications of the Surace Tablets that run on Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro.

Download the wallpaper pack with amazing wallpapers of the tablet. Really. This surface is worth buying and I will bring it for sure and make an unboxing + review video of it. Promise 😉 /The Download//