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Rovio makes ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Angry Birds HD’ free to play on iOS!

Rovio’s Angry Birds — one of the world’s most popular mobile games — is now available for free from the app store. First noticed by Appsfire, the price drop from $0.99 (iPhone) and $2.99 (iPad HD version) represents the first time that the game has been available for free since its 2009 release. The free versions of both Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD— which were limited to a few playable levels — have been removed from the App Store in the US and UK. We’ve reached out to Rovio to see if this is a permanent move, or a limited-time offer.

Leaked Images out of – 5th generation iPad


Recent rumors indicate that Apple might soon be adding a 128GB iPad to its current line— and now we’re getting what may be our first look at the back of Cupertino’s next-gen tablet. The image appears to line up with a rumor published by Macotakara back in December, which stated that a 5th-generation iPad, bearing the same stylistic flourishes as the mini, would debut in March of 2013.

That said, it should be noted that there are some questions about the image. The name “iPad” itself appears to be either smudged or partially-wiped off the device — though we’ve seen early Apple leaks before that have featured smudged or missing printing. In any case, the pictured part does appears to be in line with current expectations, and if the final 5th-generation iPad proves to look like what’s pictured above, we’d have to conclude that Apple’s not having any further success in its efforts to double down on product secrecy.

Top 10 Smartphone Manufacturers Declared For The Year 2012

Done with the third quarter of the current year and we have seen a huge entries of various smartphones in the techno world. And with this after completing the third quarter all the research agencies have published the list of the Top 10 smartphone manufacturers for the current year. Keep reading!

There is a huge competition in the field of smartphones nowadays. And we all are aware of all the new smartphones which are being released day by day. And this time surprisingly the results of this field is changed totally. Here this time some of the Asian giants are also took their place in the Top 10 smartphone manufacturers. Isn’t it great?

10. Nokia:

Yes, this time Nokia has dropped down itself to number 10. The competition in the technology world is quite tough and one should have to step in with something innovative and new. Although Nokia has released its many ranges of Smartphones, it couldn’t enough to settle it down to top of the list.

9. Lenovo:

Many of us weren’t heard of Lenovo’s smartphones but you can find many users of Lenovo’s smartphones in the US. And this is the reason why it is quite popular in the US. However, Lenovo has launched many healthy phones in the Asian market, and it grabs a little attention from Asia. Lenovo is the very first manufacturer to introduced Intel chips in the phones. It’s a great and all new achievement itself.

8. LG :

LG says Life’s Good and it proved. Although LG is not so popular in the Smartphone before a year ago, but now after launching many amazing smartphones like Nexus and all, research agencies found this here.

7. RIM :

Yes, RIM is down just because of some loss in the share market. No matter what happens RIM is still capable to stay here in the top with the others.

6. HTC :

I think the name is quite healthy in the range of Smartphones, everyone wants to have a HTC device in their pocket. It provides all new user interfaces. a marvellous touch and many other features that it’s been providing in all the models. But this time HTC is also falls two step, and it makes me more surprised. However, ups and downs is the part of life, it has to be stuck with this position.

5. ZTE :

ZTE is the latest entry in this field and it directly enters with the 5th position. ZTE is one of the biggest smartphones manufacture from China and it provides a huge range of smartphones. Popularity of its smartphones increases day by day. So, possibly it can make the whole list disturb in the future.

4. Sony :

The most shocking news is here. There isn’t any big announcements from the house of Sony, though it makes its place on to the 4th position. Sony jumped 3 places from 7th and it is the most shocking for all the geeks who were waiting for this list to be appeared.

3. Huawei :

Huawei has nothing done good in the US, however it gains many more users in the Asian market. And it makes its position to number 3rd in this list. Its not so surprising.

2. Apple :

I think the name is enough. But this time it has to be rests here on the 2nd. This time Apple is no longer top in this range, and it seems the worst thing happened to Apple. But this list is only for the 3rd quarter and Apple has just launched iPhone 5 which has already named as best selling iPhone ever. So, chances are high to achieve the top position with this amazing iPhone 5. Good luck for Apple.

1. Samsung :

Is there any doubt folks? Obviously NO. Samsung hasn’t achieved this spot but has earned it with the very tremendous and massive announcements. The korean giant has done a super job that it has launched the same phone on all 4 major US Carriers. And surprisingly it has been doing good even in the present time. Samsung Galaxy S3. Yes, this is the phone which leads the Samsung to the very top spot in the range of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers.

I’m sure some of you are in shock after seeing such a huge different in the list of top 10 smartphone manufacturers. With this here we have some facts with figure which can easily describes why one is 1st and the other is 2nd and so on? Let’s crack it!

Samsung – 56.2 Millions.

Apple – 26.9 Millions.

Huawei – 16.0 Millions.

Sony – 8.8 Millions.

ZTE – 8.0 Millions.

HTC – 7.8 Millions.

RIM – 7.4 Millions.

LG – 7.2 Millions.

Lenovo – 7.0 Millions.

Nokia – 6.3 Millions.