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Rovio makes ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Angry Birds HD’ free to play on iOS!

Rovio’s Angry Birds — one of the world’s most popular mobile games — is now available for free from the app store. First noticed by Appsfire, the price drop from $0.99 (iPhone) and $2.99 (iPad HD version) represents the first time that the game has been available for free since its 2009 release. The free versions of both Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD— which were limited to a few playable levels — have been removed from the App Store in the US and UK. We’ve reached out to Rovio to see if this is a permanent move, or a limited-time offer.

Far Cry 3 – E3 2012 Demo

About the game: 

Beyond the limits of civilization lies an island, a lawless place ruled by piracy and human misery, where your only escapes are drugs or the muzzle of a gun. This is where you find yourself, trapped in a place that’s forgotten right from wrong, a place that lives by the principles of violence.

In Far Cry 3, players step into the shoes of Jason Brody, stranded on this mysterious tropical island. You dictate how the story unfolds, from the battles you choose to fight down to the allies or enemies you make along the way. Slash, sneak, detonate and shoot your way across the island in a world that has lost all sense of right and wrong. Beware the beauty and mystery of this unexplored paradise and live to outwit its roster of ruthless, desperate characters. You’ll need more than luck to survive.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review and Debut Trailer

Spanish retailer indicates Activision’s unannounced Call of Duty sequel being readied for release during typical launch window.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will go on sale this November, yes! it will! says CALL OF DUTY TEAM.

Activision had previously confirmed that a new Call of Duty title would ship in 2012, but did not provide a name or a release window. Call of Duty has had new installments debut between late October and mid-November every year since the franchise was launched in 2003.

The retail listing does not provide further information regarding the game, and as of press time, Activision had not responded to GameSpot’s request for comment.

This is far from the first indication that this year’s Call of Duty game will be Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Two weeks ago, Amazon France reportedly posted (and then pulled) alisting for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Later, a contract art studio employee’s resume included mention of the game.

Call of Duty didn’t go a super hit but MW3 ran to rescure. The must to pre-purchase game by me. You will be stunned by the new graphic engine. Fabulous GRAPHICS rendering and i think there will be a better storyline this time after the first of the series. <b>Watch the Debut Trailer now!</b>


‘DOTA 2’ will be free-to-play ‘with a twist,’ says Gabe Newell

The sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) will be free-to-play “with a twist”, according to the co-founder of Valve, Gabe Newell.

Speaking on a yet to be released podcast shared by the producers early with Polygon, Newell told Seven Day Cooldown that the PC and Mac-compatible real-time strategy game will use a free-to-play funding model, but one that hasn’t been used in any other game before.

“It’s going to be free-to-play — it’ll have some twists, but that’s the easiest way for people to think about it,” Newell said.

When prodded over what kind of twists players can expect, Newell said:

“The issue that we’re struggling with quite a bit is something I’ve kind of talked about before, which is how do you properly value people’s contributions to a community?

“We’re trying to figure out ways so that people who are more valuable to everybody else [are] recognized and accommodated. We all know people where if they’re playing we want to play, and there are other people where if they’re playing we would [rather] be on the other side of the planet.

“It’s just a question of coming up with mechanisms that recognize and reward people who are doing things that are valuable to other groups of people.”

Newell provided examples of behavior that would be rewarded, such as players who are useful guides or those who volunteer their time to train others. He said he could not point to an existing free-to-play model that works like the model that Valve has in mind forDOTA 2. He did not specify how valued players would be identified or rewarded.

Newell added that he wants to see this kind of reward system expand into other games.


“When you start thinking about the different games that people play and you try to think about how people can create value or a service in one game and benefit somebody in a different game, you can start to see how the different games sort knit together,” Newell said.

“[You can see] how somebody who really likes Team Fortress 2 (TF2) can still be creating value for somebody who is playing DOTA 2 or Skyrim, or if somebody is a creator in one space how it can translate into another.

“In a sense, think of individual games as instance dungeons of a larger experience, if that makes sense as a concept.”

When asked if this move towards connecting people in games means that Steam is in the process of morphing into a kind of social network, Newell said that Valve is not looking to turn Steam into a social network, at least not in the traditional sense of the word.

“Most of the time when people try to ask us questions like that, they usually have really specific things in mind that don’t map exactly to what we have in mind,” he said.


“So when somebody from the general business press says a social network, they generally mean are you going to have a website that looks like Facebook.

“If I had to talk about a model, it would be more about how gamers can benefit from a collective action of all the other gamers and there are a bunch of different ways that can occur, whether from things that look like traditional social networking notifications to higher-value activities. As far as I know, Facebook doesn’t have the ability for people to fundamentally modify or edit the underlying Facebook experience.”

Newell described his vision of a gaming social network as allowing Valve to make people as valuable as possible.

“It really is more a legacy of John Carmack’s way of thinking about things than it is social networking,” he said.

“It’s just that now we have the horsepower and the experience in the gaming community to try and figure out how all these experiences get knit together in a way that’s valuable.”

The full podcast from Seven Day Cooldown will be released later today. Thank you Jack Inacker.

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Crysis 3 Pre-Order and Debut Trailer.

A new Crysis 3 teaser video released today gives us a brief glimpse of the composite bow in action.

The 18 second trailer also gives us a moments look at the jungles under the dome of New York City .

Crysis 3, like its predecessor, will take place in New York City. Only now in the year 2047 the city has transformed and is an urban rainforest encased in a Nanodome by the Cell Corporation. Prophet is said to be on a mission to uncover the real reasons behind its encasement.

Both human and alien enemies of Crysis 2 will also make a return to upcoming title.

This week Crytek announced Crysis 3 Hunter Edition is available for pre-order, along with a number of Special Packs which offer early multiplayer access to a number of weapons.

Those who pre-order will also be given a bonus XP boost up to level 5, a skin for the crossbow weapon, exclusive dog tags, and the Hunter Nanosuit which enhances the power of the suit.

Crysis 3 Hunter Edition is available for $59.99.

Alienware refreshes M14x, M17x, and M18x gaming laptops (update)

They might look just like the same Alienware gaming laptops that went on sale last year, but the M14x, M17x, and M18x are getting some pretty major additions for 2012. Each laptop now has an mSATA slot for a solid state drive for a variety of new storage configs, and Bluetooth 4.0 now comes standard on every model. Klipsch speakers aren’t the only audio perk this time around: now, all three laptops have a dedicated Creative Sound Blaster chip on the board, and THX TruStudio software. And of course, they’re getting some serious gaming firepower in Nvidia’s new GeForce 600 and AMD’s Radeon HD 7000 series GPUs.

The new 14-inch M14x R2 will have a bona fide 28nm GeForce GT 650M GPU with up to 2GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory, up to 16GB of RAM, an optional slot-loading Blu-ray drive, and an mSATA port for a solid state drive. If you just want a fast boot and a responsive machine, you can get a 64GB boot drive with 500GB of magnetic storage, but if you’ve got the cash, Alienware tells us you can set up a 512GB RAID 0 array of solid state storage for maximum speed. Needless to say, that’s a pretty impressive set of features for a 14-inch laptop.

Grand Theft Auto 5 hits the web!

On Wednesday, Rockstar published the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5, the follow-up to the 2008 smash hit Grand Theft Auto 4. According to a recent report from Gamasutra, publisher Take-Two has sold an astonishing 114 million Grand Theft Auto games since the series debuted, in 1997. Grand Theft Auto 5 should hoist those sales figures considerably higher. So how does the new game look? Well, by GTA standards, this traileris pretty tame. It opens in a sun-splashed coastal city, where runners jug down a boardwalk, a couple strolls along a beach, and a pair of women practice yoga on their back porch. At first, we are a long way from the blood-splattered, high-octane hijinks that made GTA such a controversial franchise. But after a minute or so of scenery, the obligatory action arrives – a heist in progress, the fiery wreck of a car, a helicopter chase. We can safely assume GTA 5 will keep the series’s Mature rating.


So what does the GTA 5 trailer tell us about the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series? Well, for one, it seems to confirm an earlier report, from the team at Kotaku, that GTA will be set in a heavily-modified, alternate-world version of Los Angeles. (In that same report, Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo predicted that GTA 5 “will feature more than just one playable character.”)

Meanwhile, in an exhaustive analysis at CVG, Tamoor Hussain speculates that everything in the trailer, down to the digital signage, could be of great import. “During a panning shot we can see two small signs for ‘Muscle Sands’ and ‘Pump Buddy’, which may be an indication that players will be able to pump iron like they did in the original San Andreas,” Hussain writes. “Of course this would also mean that other customization features such as gaining weight could return.”

At the Guardian, Keith Stuart spots a Hollywood-style “Vinewood” sign – which appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – and suggests that RockStar could be planning some sort of call-back to the environments of yore. And as for new vehicles, well, “the private jet scorching through at the end hints that we’ll be able to pilot aircraft again,” Stuart writes.

Planes, trains, automobiles! Well, maybe not the trains. What are you looking for in the next