Skype for Windows 8 this October 26th!

26th of October of this year is going to be truly amazing. Phenomenal actually. Here are the things that are going to set the technology world rock and roll.

  • Windows 8
  • Surface Tablets
  • Skype for Windows 8
  • Updates for Windows Phone 8

…and maybe Microsoft comes with something else in the middle? Who knows. But what is the good news over here that the official Skype Metro Application is coming to Windows 8 on the 26th.


“For the last six months or so we have been moving people to the Messenger backend,” says Snyder. “The big advantage there is that Skype doesn’t always have to be running. It wakes up when it’s time to deliver a chat message or call etc.” The changes also mean that around 80 percent of all IMs sent on Skype are sent over the new Messenger backend. Skype’s Windows 8 app is the first to take advantage of this new model, with updates coming to iOS and Android later to complete feature parity.


If you have any doubts, post them here.

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