Adair File Manager [AFM] Increases Download Speed by 500%. Full Free Open Source.

It all started when I was thinking about making something more bigger, more faster, more efficient, more dynamic, more clear, more crisp, less demanding and I were I reached was a preparing a Download Manager. A Download Manager increases the speed of your file downloads by making them into pieces or just using a little bit of hardware accelaration. Internet Download Manager that used to download files in parts which really helped made me disappointed one day when I was downloading a very heavy file [12.4 GB] and when the download completed, it took a Hell of Time to put the parts back into one file and guess what? My system crashed and everything I had was just a parts of corrupted Downloads.

What is AFM?

AFM stands for Adair File Manager. A software developed by the Adair Team. Adair is a web browser. What AFM does is that it simply downloads the files with Hardware and GPU Accelaration. No No, it does not take a big piece of processor memory and it does not need to Append all downloaded parts into one file.

What is the difference betweeen IDM and AFM?

AFM takes 9,000K processor memory and in other hand AFM takes 6,000K Average. Internet Download Manager while downloading iTunes-Setup.exe for testing had a top speed of 400 KBps average and in AFM while testing it’s speed it gave me a blazing and a surprising 500-600 KBps!

When tested in Adair File Manager.

When tested in Adair File Manager.

When tested in Internet Download Manager

When tested in Internet Download Manager

Although we are working day and night for the development of it’s user interface which is inspired by Windows Metro because it is easy, fast, simple and gorgeous. We are also working on the Cancel, Pause and Stop Buttons and they will be available in the next update. The first release of AFM is 3.6 Beta 2.

If you have any doubts, post them here.

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