Grand Theft Auto 5…Trailer 2nd November

2011 is a monumental year for Rockstar, With L.A Noire doing very well, and Max Payne 3 on the way. However, this is also an important milestone in Rockstar history, as it’s been 10 years since Grand Theft Auto III was released. In celebration of that, Rockstar had earlier announced GTA III on iDevices as well as Android. Now, all of a sudden the Grand Theft Auto 5 logo looms large with a trailer reveal on the way on 2nd November 2011.

Can’t wait to find out what’s behind that wall of black? We’re hedging our bets that it’s got something to do with money, or counterfeiting, since the etching on the V is similar to the crosshatching on a currency note. Either ways, it’s official. There is a new Grand Theft Auto out, and we cannot wait to see what it’s about.

The GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 – PC GAME…. rumors say that it is much related to SAN ANDREAS! and location? Los Angeles!











~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COUNT DOWN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you have any doubts, post them here.

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